“We chose Sandie Possman as our officiant because when we told people what we were looking for, multiple people immediately mentioned her name. When I met her, I knew exactly why she’d received such praise. Once in a great while, you meet someone truly authentic, who really loves what they do. That’s what I loved most about our initial meeting for coffee with Sandie. She was genuinely interested in us as a couple, and full of enthusiasm for getting our ceremony just the way we wanted. We talked through some edits we wanted to make, she helped us understand how to make changes but keep the “flow” of the ceremony, and she answered dozens of questions. She was incredibly patient and gracious, and invited us to make the ceremony truly our own.

When it was time to walk down to my groom, I was so happy to see her kind smile, that same authentic happiness for us, and to have her guide us into this new chapter of our lives. She even had a tissue ready for me right when I needed it. I can’t thank her enough, and If she’s available for your special day I highly recommend her.”